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What is Dataiku?

Dataiku is a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform designed to enable teams across organizations to prototype, develop, and deploy scalable AI solutions. It serves as an end-to-end platform that fosters collaboration between data scientists, analysts, and business users to transform data into actionable insights and operational AI applications.

Which technology does Dataiku work on?

Dataiku is built on a flexible architecture that supports both on-premises and cloud deployments. It integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, leveraging cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The platform's compatibility with various data sources, from SQL databases to Hadoop and Spark systems, along with its ability to manage workflows across these environments, makes it highly adaptable to diverse technological ecosystems.

At its core, Dataiku utilizes Docker containers and Kubernetes for orchestrating and scaling AI models and processes across computing environments. This modern infrastructure enables efficient resource management and enhances the reproducibility of data science projects.

How is Dataiku used in modern technology?