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About Cloudera Data Services (CML, CDE, CDW)

Cloudera Data Services encompass a range of products within the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) that bring the flexibility and scalability of public cloud services to on-premises environments. These services, which include Cloudera Machine Learning (CML), Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE), and Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), leverage the power of distributed computing to enable efficient data operations and analytics.

Which technology do these services work on?

Cloudera Data Services operate on a robust, scalable infrastructure provided by CDP Private Cloud Base, utilizing technologies such as Kubernetes for orchestration, Apache Spark for big data processing, and Apache Airflow for workflow automation. This integrated approach allows for a seamless, flexible deployment of data services that can scale dynamically according to business needs.

How are these services used in modern technology?

In addition, these services support the overall data lifecycle management, offering capabilities such as data replication, recovery, and secure governance that ensure compliance and data security across all aspects of data operations.